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With golf trolleys, you can easily travel with your golf essentials.

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Our battery-powered golf trolleys spare even more energy on the golf course.

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Headcovers protect your golf drivers from damage and the elements.

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With golf trolleys, you can easily travel with your golf essentials. Most push/pull golf trolleys are available in multiple colors and have a handle-mounted parking brake. Besides all our golf trolleys can assemble tools easily.

Some push/pull golf trolleys offer interesting extras like a beverage holder, mobile device holder, and golf ball storage. This makes push/pull golf trolleys indispensable for a tranquil time at the golf course.

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Our battery-powered golf trolleys, better known as electric golf trolleys, spare even more energy on the golf course. The electric golf trolleys can carry heavy loads and are more powerful to climb up hills. Thus, the electric golf trolleys result in sparing a lot of energy and that is why they always retain an optimal performance.

Besides you can use the electric golf trolley in any weather condition due to the sealed unit protecting them from water damage. We provide a 3-year warranty as well so we can offer the best service for your electric golf trolley.

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Accesoires – headcovers for golf drivers and more!

Headcovers for your golf drivers have multiple benefits. Headcovers protect your golf drivers from damage and the elements. Even metal wood can benefit from headcovers these days. It’s crucial to prevent damage to your drivers because this can affect the shots you make.

Besides preventing damage, headcovers for golf drivers avert the annoying clanging sounds. These sounds can reduce your focus and our headcovers completely silence these sounds. Finally, headcovers for golf drivers can add a bit of style to the golf course.

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Everyone prefers another golf trolley that fits the best with their golf bag. You should consider factors like size and weight, which will impact how easily you can travel on the golf course. Most people prefer a lightweight golf trolley.

A golf trolley is a needed investment for your golf career. It makes traveling on the golf course much easier which takes less energy and results in better focus.

It is possible to push an electro golf trolley because the electric travel bags have a ‘free-wheel system’ which results in easy movement. So the cart can move freely without being powered.

With provident care, electro golf trolleys can last for a lot of years. Most electro golf trolleys last from 20 to 30+ years.

A push-pull golf trolley, also known simply as a "push trolley" or "pull trolley," is a lightweight and portable device designed to carry your golf bag and clubs while you walk the golf course. It helps golfers avoid carrying the weight of their bag and provides a convenient way to transport their equipment between holes. Here's how push-pull golf trolleys work and what they offer:

  1. Push Trolley: A push trolley is designed to be pushed in front of you as you walk the course. It usually features three or four wheels and a handle for easy maneuvering. The golf bag is placed on the trolley's platform, and you simply push it along the fairways and paths.

  2. Pull Trolley: A pull trolley is designed to be pulled behind you as you walk. It typically has two wheels and a handle that you hold as you walk. The bag is attached to the trolley, and you walk with the trolley trailing behind you.

Both push and pull trolleys offer several advantages:

  • Ease of Transportation: Trolleys help you avoid carrying the weight of your golf bag, reducing fatigue and strain during your round.

  • Convenience: Trolleys often have various features like adjustable straps or brackets to secure your bag, additional storage compartments for accessories, and sometimes even holders for water bottles and scorecards.

  • Stability: Trolleys provide stability for your bag and clubs, reducing the risk of clubs clanging together or getting damaged.

  • Health Benefits: Walking the golf course while using a trolley provides exercise and promotes cardiovascular health.

  • Faster Play: Using a trolley can sometimes result in faster play since you can move more efficiently between shots.

Push-pull golf trolleys come in various designs, sizes, and styles. Some are foldable and can be easily stored in your car or at the golf course. 

Yes, electric golf trolleys, also known as motorized or powered trolleys, can be pushed manually just like traditional push trolleys. Electric trolleys are designed to assist golfers by carrying their golf bags and clubs using an electric motor. However, there may be situations where you need to push the trolley manually, such as when the battery is depleted or if you prefer to navigate the trolley manually for any reason.

Here are a few points to consider when pushing an electric trolley manually:

  1. Power Off: Make sure the electric trolley is turned off, and the motor is not engaged. Some electric trolleys have a "freewheel" mode that allows the trolley to be pushed without resistance from the motor.

  2. Braking: Ensure that the trolley's braking system is not engaged, as this could make it difficult to push.

  3. Weight: Electric trolleys are generally heavier than traditional push trolleys due to the motor and battery. Be prepared for the added weight while pushing.

  4. Ease of Use: Manually pushing an electric trolley might not be as smooth or effortless as using a traditional push trolley, but it's still possible.

  5. Battery Conservation: If the battery is running low, pushing the trolley manually can help conserve battery power, especially if you're nearing the end of your round.

  6. Terrain: Consider the terrain of the golf course. Manual pushing might be more challenging on uphill sections or rough terrain.

  7. Emergency: Pushing an electric trolley manually can be helpful in case of a technical issue or if the battery unexpectedly runs out of charge during your round.

It's important to note that while you can manually push an electric trolley, the primary advantage of an electric trolley is the motorized assistance it provides, reducing the need for manual effort.

Yes, you can push a Motocaddy (an electric golf trolley brand) if the battery runs out. Most electric golf trolleys, including those from Motocaddy, are designed with a freewheel or manual mode that allows you to push the trolley manually without the assistance of the electric motor. This is particularly useful in situations where the battery has depleted or if you prefer to navigate the trolley manually.

Here's how you can push a Motocaddy (or similar electric trolley) when the battery is not functioning:

  1. Freewheel Mode: Many electric trolleys, including Motocaddy models, have a freewheel mode that disengages the motor and allows the trolley to be pushed with minimal resistance.

  2. Switch Off: Ensure that the trolley's power switch is turned off to prevent any potential resistance from the motor.

  3. Brakes: Make sure the trolley's braking system is not engaged, as this could impede your ability to push it.

  4. Handle Carefully: Electric trolleys are typically heavier due to the motor and battery. Be prepared for the additional weight while pushing.

  5. Terrain: Consider the terrain of the golf course. Manual pushing might be more challenging on uphill sections or rough terrain.

  6. Storage: If the battery runs out early in your round, pushing the trolley manually can be a practical way to complete your round without needing to carry your bag.

It's recommended to consult your Motocaddy's user manual for specific instructions on how to engage the freewheel mode and push the trolley manually.

The duration for which golf cart batteries last without charging can vary based on several factors, including the type of battery, its age, condition, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. Golf cart batteries are typically lead-acid batteries, and their performance can be influenced by these factors. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Battery Type: Golf cart batteries are often classified into two main types: flooded lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free (sealed) lead-acid batteries. Maintenance-free batteries might have a slightly longer self-discharge time due to their sealed design.

  2. Battery Age and Condition: Newer batteries generally hold a charge better than older ones. As batteries age, their capacity to hold a charge decreases, resulting in shorter durations without charging.

  3. Battery Chemistry: The specific chemistry of the battery can impact self-discharge rates. For example, deep-cycle lead-acid batteries used in golf carts have a lower self-discharge rate compared to regular automotive batteries.

  4. Temperature: Higher temperatures can accelerate self-discharge, while cooler temperatures can slow it down. Storing batteries in a cool, dry place can help extend their self-discharge time.

  5. Usage Patterns: How frequently you use your golf cart and how deeply you discharge the batteries during use can affect how long they last without charging. Regular usage can help maintain battery health.

  6. Parasitic Loads: Some golf carts may have parasitic loads, such as electronic components that draw small amounts of power even when the cart is not in use. These loads can affect how long the batteries last without charging.

  7. State of Charge: Batteries left at a higher state of charge tend to self-discharge more slowly. If you plan to store your golf cart for an extended period without use, it's recommended to charge the batteries to around 50-80% of their capacity.

As a rough estimate, well-maintained golf cart batteries might last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months without charging. However, it's important to regularly check the charge level of your batteries if your golf cart is not in use for an extended period. 



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