Mizuno CLK Hybride

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With an eight-way adjustable hosel, the CLK hybrid can be precisely set to fill the distance gap between your longest iron and shortest fairway wood. Mid to slow swing speed players have the option of putting up to four CLK's in play - creating a wider di
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Mizuno Golf CLK Graphite Hybrid features:

  • Eight-way adjustable hosel
  • Amplified shockwave sole
  • 1770 maraging steel face
  • Versatile playing profile
The Amplified shockwave sole delivers more energy for faster ball speeds, while pushing weight lower and forward for a high, low spinning flight. With an ultra thin, durable face material to give the freedom to create a more stable clubhead. Sitting exactly between a long iron and fairway wood, the CLK is equally at home on the fairway or the tee.

32 set up possibilities

With four different heads, each head with an 8 way adjustable hosel, there is a setup, flight and look to suit the most sensitive eye.