Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Graphite Irons

The final point to an MP-18 set - the long iron replacement used now by all Mizuno tour players. A higher flying option with harsher gradients on the leading angles, designed and created with a profile acceptable to our Yoro master clubmakers. The new sle
Levertijd: 1-2 Weken

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Mizuno Golf MP-18 Fli Hi

  • Forged using grain flow technology
  • Flows into any MP-18 split set
  • Multi metal stability design
  • Created using pure select mild carbon 1025E

Grain Flow Forging

Grain Flow Forging allows for a highly precise iron head to be created using multiple forging stages, all from one single billet of steel. This method makes the most of the metal's natural grain to maximise the heads integrity, consistency and durability. Mizuno is the only company to achieve this and pass the performance onto the golfer.

1025E pure select mild carbon

The steel behind Mizuno's softest feeling irons! Used in the one piece irons for higher level players seeking the ultimate in precision and feedback. 1025 is used for its balance of strength, blend-ability and feel. The evolution to 1025E reduces unnecessary elements that occur during the forging process- Phosphorous and Sulphur