Odyssey 2 ball Ten Boomstick Lined 2021 |

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Odyssey Ten Broomstick 2-Ball Right Hand 50''


Starting at 48” long, the Broomstick putter certainly stands out. The “broomstick” or “long putter” alternative method skyrocketed in opularity throughout the 1990’s, 2000’s, and until the recent anchoring ban. While the act of anchoring is banned, long putters are conforming.


Tour players around the world have used Broomstick putters without anchoring, and they've had a lot of success doing it! As long as your top hand is separated from your body, this method is a completely legal stroke. All of these performance benefits are in the 2-Ball Ten head shape that’s incredibly popular on Tour. If you struggle with your putting, this could be just what you're looking for!


Legendary Alignment and Shaping

We’ve enhanced the Ten shape that’s incredibly popular on Tour and with golfers, making it sleeker and more forgiving. This is the best 2-Ball model ever, and these features are engineered to help you frame the ball at address with your intended line.


Adjustable Weighting

The sole of the Broomstick putters are designed with adjustable weight screws to enhance stability for a more consistent stroke.


Broomstick Shaft

The Broomstick putter is engineered with a lengthened shaft to retain the performance benefits of an anchored stroke.