SuperSpeed Golf

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SuperSpeed Golf Training System
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The SuperSpeed Golf Mens Training Set is used by some of the world’s best golfers to add more yards on to their drives.

The team of expert coaches and fitness professionals at SuperSpeed Golf have finally launched this innovative training aid to the public and believe that every golfer is capable of hitting the ball further.

With the help of the SuperSpeed Golf Training Set you can improve speed and power in your golf swing by 5-8% within six weeks of regular practice.

In the box you get three SuperSpeed Golf clubs with three colour coded weights (green = light, blue = medium, red = heavy). Based on the specific practice drills given to you free of charge, the specialists at SuperSpeed Golf believe starting with the lighter weight club will increase swing speed, maximise biomechanical efficiency of the swing, improve the consistency of your ball striking and reduce flaws in your swing.

As you progress through the clubs you will be hitting the ball further and more consistently than ever before.

According to SuperSpeed Golf, a training session takes around 10 minutes to complete. To get the most out of the training you need to do it three times a week. It’s a bit like the gym, the more you put in the more you get out.

What’s in the box:

  • SuperSpeed Golf Green “Light” Training Club
  • SuperSpeed Golf Blue “Medium” Training Club
  • SuperSpeed Golf Red “Heavy” Training Club
  • Introduction and instruction card


Item Length Overall Weight
Green “Light” Club 45″ 255 Grams
Blue “Medium” Club 45″ 290 Grams
Red “Heavy” Club 45″ 335 Grams

Training Protocols:
Below are the training protocols for use with the SuperSpeed Golf Training System. Please remember a few keys to getting the most out of your SuperSpeed Training:

  • Always swing aggressively! This is the most common error we see with players using the system. You should be trying to create maximum speed through the hitting area with each swing.
  • Always swing about 6-8 inches above the ground. The SuperSpeed Training clubs are not designed to hit the ground or a golf ball.
  • Always swing in the direction of the driving range or hitting net for safety.
  • If at any time you feel any pain or discomfort during the training, please discontinue use immediately and contact your health professional.